Clean water and wells

Lack of water and clean water sources in Africa is nothing new and millions die every year due to poor drinking water, and around 40% of these are children. This we want to change, and we are already in the process of improving the everyday lives of many children and families by making water wells in the nearby areas.

As the world’s population has tripled since the beginning of the last century, the water crisis has also increased in line with this. Unfortunately, it is often the poorest who suffer the most from this population growth, as these areas develop slowly and clean water is in scarce. And the economic growth that the country may have achieved is often not shown in these poor areas, but is often “forgotten”.

It is easy to take clean water for granted, but it is not! Unfortunately, it is also often the case that those who need clean water and live in the slums have to pay much more for the water, as clean water often costs 10-15 times more than in the big cities. If they are even lucky enough to have access to clean water in the slums.

It is also not unusual for women and young girls in particular to spend many hours walking long distances to fetch water. As a result, they do not get to use their time for productive work or schooling. Which means that they also do not get out of the poverty crisis they are in, and by extension this contributes to increasing the number of orphaned children. Part of the reason is that they are often unable to take care of their own children, by giving them food and the care they need. But rather leave them, or put them away to a neighbour in the hope that they will be taken care of and survive.

By supporting us, you are helping them locally. Give them a shorter way to get clean water! A well can easily supply an entire village and several thousand people can benefit from this type of aid work by drilling wells in the local area to obtain clean water.

If you wish, we can also drill a well in your name where either your company, you or your entire family contributes to this purpose, and finances a well. For more information send us a message. Then we will make a plan about exactly how you can provide drinking water to several hundred, if not a thousand people.