The majority of children are still unvaccinated in Africa, and around 1 in 5 children are either not vaccinated at all, or are under-vaccinated.

Often there are common and inexpensive vaccines that could have prevented child deaths. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if they had had access to, or been included in, a local vaccination program for children, something we strive to work towards.

Fortunately, you can see that over the past two decades, child mortality has dropped considerably, and it is precisely because of organizations like ours, and with with the support of individuals like you, we can help children get the vaccines they need.

It is not just vaccines that are important, but also the right medicines if you are unlucky enough that one or more children fall ill.

Medicines cost money, and are therefore often a low priority among poor families, as they often cannot afford to get them, or rather prioritize providing food for the others in the family.