In Africa, it is not a given that children are allowed to go to school. Many children are instead forced into child labour or other occupations that we will not go into at a young age. They never get to attend school, or received any education, and remain in misery and poverty. Many families simply cannot afford putting them to school, because it`s more important for them, to have the kids working to provide for the family. If they don`t have a family, they have to provide for themselves. That`s how harsh reality is for many children!

That is why we work hard to provide schooling and education for as many children as possible.

The way out of poverty is difficult, but it becomes all the easier if you have some supporters on the team who ensure an education, and that the children are not exposed to abuse at school or elsewhere.

We are not only working for education and training, but also for safe schooling and follow-up.

Together we give children a future!

happy school children

You are helping to contribute to schooling, safety and education for the innocent children! With your assistance we are improving their rate of survival and life, we are very grateful for your help!