Every child has their own unique story and reasons why they need help. Some have parents who died of AIDS, fled from abusive parents, or that they are simply not wanted. It is also often poverty and destitution that force parents to abandon their children.

We see it as our task to ensure that children who come to us receive the safety and care they deserve. At the same time, we can help enrich their future with love, education, and be an anchor in their upbringing where they can have belonging, be seen and included.

All of this is something we get to do because of “helpers” like you!


We are now in the process of planning this year’s next campaign, which will take place in September.

This campaign will go towards starting up a new orphanage near Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, and we look forward to getting started together with you. We have received many inquiries from those who want to contribute, and we are very grateful for all the support and willingness to take part in this new adventure.