with your support we are one step closer to our goal!

become a regular donor as a “little helper”


It is with great gratitude that we have created the “Little helper ” section, and we are pleasantly surprised by how many young people are taking advantage of this opportunity to contribute and support our work.

Here, we have collaborated with groups of youth and students, developing a “donation form.” This form is specifically tailored for those who have not fully established themselves in the workforce yet, or may not have much to contribute financially at the moment, but who still wish to contribute nonetheless.

It is very exciting that so many young ones uses this form!

Still, many probably think that these smaller amounts here will not help? 48, 88 or 128kr doesn’t sound like much… But if many of us gives a little… Then it contributes to more than you might imagine.

Those who receive help usually have nothing! But with help from “small and large helpers” that’s a game-changer in many lives!

Are you trying to become a lottery millionaire?

You can support us for FREE, by choosing Sammen For Afrika Øst to be your grassroots recipient, every time you try your luck.

This is done with a few keystrokes.
It’s easy and completely free, and you only need to do it once!

Send an SMS to number 60000 with “ GRASROTANDELEN 931396943″

Congratulations, you have now become one of our grassroots donors 😍

It’s amazing how little is needed to help others, but with these simple measures, you are part of the donor network that helps spread information, awareness and makes it possible to save children through various measures.

We of course hope that you win the Lottery, and would have been very happy if you had put us as your grassroots recipient, and made a SMALL CONTRIBUTION, without it costing you anything, EVERY TIME you try your luck, pretty great isn’t it !

The grassroots share, what is it?

The grassroots share gives you who use Norsk-Tipping to play the  lottery or other services Norsk-Tipping offers, the opportunity to be involved and decide what some of the profits will go to.

Here you can decide which team or association will receive an amount corresponding to up to 7% of your stake. In other words, this is an arrangement to support associations such as us in Sammen For Afrika Øst, without it meaning that you pay anything extra at Norsk-Tipping.

A wonderful arrangement to be able to help support others in this way.


Over 88% of all contributions made through our website goes to support our cause.

We make sure that your support and donation are put to good use and creating safety and joy.

A bit like these orphans experienced a few years ago, after an orphanage in Africa took them in and cared for them.

Now they spread their message through song and dance, thanks to kind-hearted people like you and the desire to contribute to orphans and poor families with children to get a better life.

All contributions, small or large, help us reach more children and help where we can.

We are all grateful for your willingness to give and support for the children and our projects!